Step 1

Set up a 501(c) 3. Gather a small group of dedicated individuals to join your board with varying backgrounds and expertise.

Step 2

Talk to local veterinarians to find one or more who will participate in your program by redeeming your spay/neuter vouchers.

Step 3

Set up a bookkeeping process to keep track of finances. Lots of low-cost programs and apps are available!

Step 4

Create a system for providing and redeeming spay/neuter vouchers as well as keeping records (see printed materials page for resources)

Step 5

The City, the county and your 501(c)3 can each apply for a grant from the MS "I Care for Animals" car tag fund, and your 501(c)3 will be eligible to apply for other grants as well.

Step 6

Garner support. (Don't forget to share information for the

"I Care for Animals" Car Tag Grant.)

Step 7

Create a contact number and website where citizens can reach out for spay/neuter

assistance. Square Space, Wix and Canva are low-cost options.

Step 8

Get the word out! As the community becomes more aware of your efforts, you can start holding fundraisers to keep the program going.


Sharon Garner

Executive Director, Mississippi Spay/Neuter

Experience: Nonprofit operations, running a low-cost spay/neuter program, starting a low-cost spay/neuter program, starting a voucher program, holding a rabies/vaccine/microchip one-day clinic

Camille Wright

Board Member, Mississippi Spay/Neuter

Experience: Engaging with public officials, community meetings, logistics

Shelby Sifers

Board Member, Mississippi Spay/Neuter

Experience: Nonprofit communications, fundraising, grant writing, website design, social media

Beth Adcock

Director, Companion Animal Programs & Communications,

Mississippi Board of Animal Health

Experience: I Care for Animals Car Tag Grant, Grant administration, emergency management, standards of care in animal shelters, volunteer coordination, communications